Health problems for truckers

Did you know that Americans spend nearly 90 percent of the day being inactive? This is especially true for people who sit down all day at work, come home and sit to watch tv and finally lay down for the night. This can accumulate to 21 hours…

What foods are really healthy?

Healthy eating is essential in all areas of life. What you eat has an impact on your body and mental well-being. It affects your concentration, energy levels and decision making. Statistics show that eight out of 10 road accidents are related…
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Great exercises for truck drivers on the road

Staying active is vital for any person to be healthy, both mentally and physically. A Midwest trucking company like TransWood encourages employees to work on their mental and physical health.  Truckers play large roles in every sector, from…

Healthy fast food hacks

As a truck driver, the truck stops are often filled with fast food options and finding a healthy, quick place to eat may become a challenge. The trucker lifestyle is hours on the road with limited healthy food options, but did you know that…

UPDATE: How to start eating healthy as a truck driver

While on the road driving, you might have noticed that healthy eating isn’t easy.  Whether you have been a truck driver for years or you just started looking for cdl jobs, having healthy eating habits is beneficial.  One easy…
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How to Stay Mentally Healthy on the Road

Recently, the trucking industry has become aware of how important it is for drivers to maintain a physically healthy lifestyle, now it is time to be aware of the mental health of truck drivers as well. Long-haul truck drivers are more susceptible…

Truck Stop Tips: Finding the Healthiest Snack in a Vending Machine

It can be tempting to indulge in these items, but there are a few healthy snacks for truck drivers that you should know about.

Common health problems for truckers and their remedies

Drivers are opting out of the trucking world due to health concerns. Here are some of the health issues faced by truckers and how to curb them.
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How to avoid truck driver burnout

After many months or years of endless driving a truck driver is likely to experience burnout. Learn more about the signs and solutions of burnout and overall trucking industry safety.

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a trucker

We all should strive to be healthy and fit, but it is rather important for truck drivers who don’t get much exercise throughout their days to focus on their health. To remain fit as a truck driver, you need to make some lifestyle changes,…