Did you know that Americans spend nearly 90 percent of the day being inactive? This is especially true for people who sit down all day at work, come home and sit to watch tv and finally lay down for the night. This can accumulate to 21 hours of the day being inactive. An active lifestyle is important to increase your physical and mental health. 

Below are some of the health issues faced by truckers and the best trucking companies like TransWood can help curb them:

Mental health issues

Driving a truck during all seasons of the year is not easy. Truckers have to face a range of harsh weather conditions while away from the comfort of their homes. Truckers mostly drive alone, passing through extensive stretches of isolated and uninhabited areas. Loneliness is inevitable in such cases.

 In addition to this, truckers often work under stress due to fear of not meeting delivery times. They can also be anxious about passing through known accident blackspots and afraid of being stuck in traffic, among other things.

To avoid the effects of long, isolated hours and other forms of stress from interfering with your health, remain in touch with family and friends when on the road and ensure you visit a doctor often. 

The best trucking companies like TransWood will tell you; being active can improve your mental health. This doesn’t have to include vigorous running or lifting. You can do simple stretches to relieve any tension in your body at home or in your hotel room. Simple shoulder and neck stretches can also be done at rest stops. 


Being overweight or obese is often contributed by long hours of physical inactivity. Sitting down for more than eight hours every day will lower your metabolism. Another major factor that leads to obesity in truckers is the lack of healthy meals available for drivers. More often than not, truck drivers have to rely on gas station food.

Meal prepping is ideal, but life gets busy and it can be hard. The best trucking companies have compiled a list of healthy fast food hacks. Fast food restaurants have stepped their game up by using fresh meat and offering lower-calorie options. 

Physical injury

Accidents are not a new phenomenon on roads, with fractures and lacerations from loading and unloading the trucks are common. Other common injuries suffered by truckers include back and neck injuries attributed to long hours of staying in the driver’s cab with poor alignment of the back and neck. Eating healthy, exercising and stretching can help to prevent back and neck pain. 

TransWood prioritizes its employees’ mental and physical health along with their safety. For more information, contact us today!

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