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Essential gear for truckers

Truck driving can be rough on your body which is why it is important to have all the essential gear to make the trucker lifestyle easier on your body. The right gear includes shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen and window UV protection. In addition…

Tips for driving during tornado season

Last week was the official start to summer, and if you are driving through the Midwest, it means that you need to be wary of tornados. They can happen at any time but tornado season is from April to August. Tornados are also more likely to occur…
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Great exercises for truck drivers on the road

Staying active is vital for any person to be healthy, both mentally and physically. A Midwest trucking company like TransWood encourages employees to work on their mental and physical health.  Truckers play large roles in every sector, from…

Reasons for Veterans to consider a trucking career!

First and foremost, we at Transwood want to give a big thank to you all the Veterans out there! We truly appreciate your service. Now Veterans, what’s next? If you haven’t thought about your next career path, a truck driver would be a great…

Truck Stop Tips: Finding the Healthiest Snack in a Vending Machine

It can be tempting to indulge in these items, but there are a few healthy snacks for truck drivers that you should know about.

Eco-friendly truck driving

Making a few small changes can make a big impact on the environment. Here are some ideas.

Bad weather trucking

It is vital that truckers are aware of the conditions of the road and how to best navigate each condition to keep themselves and other drivers around them safe. 

Misconceptions about the trucking industry

Trucking isn’t an easy job and it becomes more difficult when some individuals have a false perception about the industry. There are a few misconceptions about the trucking industry that aren’t true and we are here to set the record straight for those who work hard to keep the economy moving.

What would the world look like without truck drivers?

Whether you realize it or not, the trucking industry impacts our lives on a daily basis and, without them, our lives would look drastically different.

How nutrition impacts safe driving

The foods you choose to put in your body can impact many areas of your life - including road safety.